1. The Forest in the Domain

The forest used to cover the entire Buguias ancestral domain, providing an extremely rich fauna and flora. The flora within the domain, included timber species such as Benguet pine, palayen (oak), tibanglan (giant stemmed fern), tewe (fiddled fig), annatil, gipas, losong, igem, towel, palasingsingen, lalagem, apisang, beltek, amoweg, lupopon, dael, tabangawen, lam-ayan, oyok, bubuta, pedped, talanak, balete, papat-ek, balante, suagilo, bagtinen, hangan, agobangbang, sepat, labso, among others. The dominant grass species are kawayan, katlubong and bol (all bamboo varieties), pal-ot, gaon, balili, dengao and gadang. Thee varieties of trees and grass all contributed to the forest covers, together with many others, including orchids and other undergrowth plants.

The forest was also enriched by many fauna varieties. There are resident birds such as solac, tiko, santi, tala, acop, oils (parakeet), martines (magpie), pipit, kongkong, gongay (pygmy wood pecker), bil-it, cosili, banog, pipingew (sparrow), lidot, kiskisyang, siok/siet, baog, sikket, lito-lito, tiyak. Migratory birds such as aladas, pukaw, say-ew, babakew, tiway, aladong (blue rack thrush), killing (ruby throated hummingbird), lagadan (golden ground thrush), baog (nutmeg imperial pegion), balisoso (river kind fisher), visit around September to October. The animal wildlife includes bowet (indigenous cloud rat, probably extinct), amkis, tabaw (wild cat), orsa or makawas (deer), and motit.