Kapangan is a hilly and mountainous place. A lot of the mountains are nameless. The following are some of the significant ones:

The Labueg Hill is one of the best place for viewing the houses in the Central as well as the eastern prts of the town.

The Salat Hill is a pathway up the Bileng Mountains where many people made their kaingin because of the fertile soil; moist cool and very black, which is fitted for root crops especially sweet potatoes. In fact, most of the camote gathered here are exhibited during fiestas. Orchids are plenty in the thickly forested part.

The Sagubo Mountain is one of the highest mountains in the central section of Kapangan.

The towering hills of Camp Utopia overlook Tagudin, Ilocos and the view of La Union and all of Kapangan can be seen on a clear morning. The beautiful rice terraces on the eastern part of Sagubo can be seen from this point.

Most of the mountains are high and crowned with trees except Dakiwagan Mountain the second highest mountain in Kapangan which has very few trees because it is always burned every year.

The eastern and western sections of Kapangan are mountainous with rugged cliffs. The central part, however, is slopy and hilly fitted for rice planting and gardening.

The deepest part of the municipality is the Amburayan River flowing down westward to the Ilocos province. The Amburayan River bisects the barrios of Cuba and Balacbac on the southern part of the town. It is the source of water for irrigation as well as the source of livelihood like fishing and gold panning.