2. Management Systems

Rice paddies are prevented from erosions through use of stone ripraps. Irrigation canals are likewise handled in such a way as not to spill run-water that cause erosions.

The uma is properly executed in such a way as not to impede the natural course of preservation. The elders were aware that erosions might destroy the crops. A fence is built around the uma as a preventive shield against scavenging animals and destructive wildlife. Further fruit bearing trees (imported from other places), such as avocado, banana, star apple, etc. were planted especially at the edge of the uma, as further protection from erosions and to define boundaries.

The practice of abandoning an uma after its fertility was depleted was programmed. The Buguias ancestors left the land to be vegetated and reforested by natural means, while stopping siltation and further runoff of the soil. In this way, the natural contours of the mountain are preserved.